A Novel in the Making

A Novel in the Making 

I am writing a novel. The title is The Glass Wall. The object of this blog is to provide a glimpse of how The Glass Wall progresses. For me, the goal of this blog is that the novel is published and becomes a reality!

Parts of the manuscript are kept secret for now. But I want to share the first chapters and other extracts from the novel along the way. I want to share what inspires me, my challenges, enthusiasm, and whatever happens as we go along.

I love the process of writing, the sparks of ideas, everything being possible. I love the long hard work process of creating a novel. I have used hundreds of hours on the manuscript so far, but I also love the journey of writing a novel: Playing with words, leaving home with sharpened senses to find inspiration. It is so enchanting, the fact that anything can happen until the final sentence.

During the early stages of working with this manuscript, I have discussed it with a select group of skilled and inspiring people. And lately I have turned to the dramaturge, Karen Ravnsted-Larsen, whom I also consulted when working on my fantasy novel, Magda på Dragernes Planet (Magda on the Planet of the Dragons).

The Glass Wall is about finding your way through life. The main character is called Laura, and she is 17.

My dream is The Glass Wall will be published in English. 

I hope you will follow its progress on this blog!