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Forside-THURINER til blog nu

Front page and excerpt from Thurineren, October 2015

By Christian Dan Jensen, Thurineren:

”The smell of wild roses and sea water mingled with the beauty of late summer and a touch of melancholia. I walked down the pea gravel paved path. White sails shone bright against the evening blue sea. It was one of those unusually lovely evenings of late August in which you would want to immerse yourself.”

Thus begins chapter 1 of the coming novel, The Glass Wall, by Nanna Grønbech Petersen. And how do I know that, since the book has not been published yet? I know it because its author has chosen to share excerpts from her new book during its process on her blog,, that she has named: The Glass Wall – a Novel in the making. – For me, it is a whole new way of working creatively; Sharing my considerations and ideas during the process of my new novel, The Glass Wall, says Nanna Grønbech Petersen.

The Glass Wall is the second novel by Nanna Grønbech Petersen. Prior to this, her Fantasy Children’s book: Magda on the Planet of the Dragons, has been published, this is about a girl called Magda, who feels let down by her parents who fight all the time and are too busy with their work. But then one night, she meets the young dragon, Dragild, and together they travel to the planet of the dragons. A good book, which is also about friendships and about remembering the true and good values in life, about love, imagination, being present, and spending time together. Her new novel, which she herself describes as ‘Magical Realism’, is very much inspired by the somewhat odd and twisted surroundings. There is no fixed date for when The Glass Wall needs to be done and ready for publication. But if you follow the process on the blog, where both images and text  reveal the author’s thoughts about the contents of this novel, it may be hard to wait…


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