16. December

1st excerpt from chapter 11 

November Year 1915

A smell of fish surrounded the cave as an invisible veil. Mostly flat sea fish had been netted on this November day. Jonathan had just skinned the freshly caught fish. In the night the dream had returned to him, but the ending had been different from how it usually was. He thought about the dream:

A young girl stands behind a thick glass wall. She has long, red hair. Her skin is fair, with a slightly bluish tint like moonlight on  water. She has narrow, green eyes. Jonathan looks further down, her neck is ling an slender, her breasts medium-sized, and she is rather tall. He starts talking to her: – We shall meet, you and I. There is something we have to put right together, he entreats. He pauses and repeats the sentence. But he notices that the words do not reach her. Frowning slightly, she gives him a puzzled look…


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