September Year 1915

Chapter 5

September Year 2015

Jonathan had a heavy sensation of alarm. He felt dizzy, and he went to the cave, where he poured himself a glass of water from the can. He sat on the ground, resting, while he drank two more glasses of water. Then he returned to the place where he had been chopping wood, and absentmindedly began to stack the pieces of wood. From bottom up, slowly but steadily, he created a circular stack of wood. His thoughts circled around the young girl, like she had been circling around herself over and over. On his skin, sweat lay like the dewdrops of an autumn morning. Now, the circle was closed, but there were still some pieces of wood left. With the leftover pieces, he created three T’s protruding from the circle, thus creating a sign. He looked at the stack of wood with its peculiar shape. Aloud, Jonathan said: – If stars had eyes and looked down on earth now, they would see the sign as it should be seen: The circle with the three T’s. Suddenly, there were a series of strong blasts of wind. The hedgehog moved slowly towards him, and looked up on him curiously…


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